Alan Strudwick

Alan Strudwick
Organisation: Alan Strudwick Ministries

Alan Strudwick’s life has taken him through many teachings, philosophies and spiritual paths, including the New Age (of which he was groomed to be a Leader and Teacher). Alan’s subsequent disillusionment with each of these paths eventually led him to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior discovering Jesus as “The Way, The Truth and The Life” – John 14:6.
Alan is a gifted teacher and prophetic strategist who brings a unique and powerful influence, not only to the corporate world and non-profit organizations, but also to churches throughout the Body of Christ. Alan is the founder of ‘Kingdom Business Ministries’, a ministry organization dedicated to equipping and empowering the Body of Christ.
Alan is also the founder of Alan Strudwick Consulting Inc.
Alan carries a unique skill-set and giftings coupled with a prophetic anointing, bringing influence to the corporate world and non-profit organizations. Alan has worked with a variety of corporate clients and non-profit organizations globally.

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