Alistair McNally

Alistair McNally Alistair McNally
Organisation: Hillsong Church

Alistair McNally – Strategist, Leader, Lecturer and aspiring Theologian.

I have an array of teaching, preaching and leadership experience- from church planting; growing campus pastors, teaching locally and globally with Hillsong Church, team leadership and strategising on failing departments in various areas. A high standard of delivery is always given either online or in person.

After spending almost ten years in High school teaching and embracing the role of Assistant Headteacher in both pastoral and academic disciplines, I have embraced many variations of teaching styles, pastoral care and academic improvement. I believe firmly that teaching must engage students on every level and equally the measurement of a learner is not defined by the marks on a paper but by the empowerment, equipping and releasing into their anointing. After given much dedicated time to my role at Hillsong College as Campus Principal, I have now been been given the role of being an ambassador and church consultant for Hillsong College.

I am deeply driven by the broken and the lost; fuelled by the essence of urgency and discipling so that no one has to stand before God in disarray, having never known Him. As people progress in their walk, they are released from the shackles that have held them back and they start to recognise their true aetiology and develop in the intimate communion with others and God.

Th.D (The Ontology of the Soul)- NUI (Maynooth- Ongoing)
MRes in Leadership and Theology -Regents Theological College (Chester University)
Postgraduate Certificate in Education- Liverpool Hope University
MA in Applied Theology- Regents Theological College (Chester University)
PG Dip Journalism and Media Studies- (University of Ulster, Coleraine)
Master of Theology in Biblical Studies- (University of Ulster, Jordanstown)
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Scholastic Philosophy and Byzantine Studies -Queens University (Belfast)

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