Alistair McNally

Alistair McNally
Organisation: Hillsong Church

As a passionate people leader, I really enjoy seeing people grow and develop in their spheres of influence. With over 15 years of experience in education, theology and leadership I have professional and tested attestation of investing in people and organisations throughout Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and Australia.

My diverse experience has seen me play pivotal strategic roles that have been central to the growth and development of key areas; global promotion of company brands, key innovations, leadership culture and strong relationship alignment with customers, employees and organisations. During this pandemic, I have aided the growth of departments, bringing in an unexpected increase of over 38.5% and the re-generation of teams.

I have a long history of strategic application in various spheres and have a range of teaching tools that will assist you in your development and growth as a church or business.

I am also a fully accredited high school teacher in the UK, NSW and QLD and fully accredited Cert IV TAE trainer and Higher Education Lecturer.


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