Andrew Craig

Andrew Craig Andrew Craig Andrew Craig
Organisation: Church For You

Andrew Craig is an experienced minister with an emphasis on encouraging people to know and apply Biblical truth. He delivers uplifting Bible-based messages that touch and transform lives. He has a heart for souls and communicating the life-changing power of the Gospel. His ministry is about challenging people to translate Bible principles into practical everyday living.

Pastor Andrew Craig founded the thriving Gospel Baptist Church called Church For You over twenty years ago and has made a big impact on the Northern suburbs of Adelaide. He is a fervent preacher with many years of solid experience as an acknowledged leader and church planter. He has worked tirelessly in Christian ministry, including as editor of a stirring Christian publication, Fair Dinkum Magazine.

The website of Church For You contains a wealth of his wide span of sermon material – at http://www.cforu.net – his messages often relate to themes of revival, Biblical truth, salvation, sanctification, deeper walk, holiness, separation, the Word of God, and exhortations on diverse subjects, such as Christian living, Bibliology, Eschatology and Evangelism. The church YouTube channel has a growing presence with well over 1500 sermons online, with regular live-streaming broadcasts of his ministry: http://www.youtube.com/aussiechurch

Pastor Craig is a graduate of the Gold Coast Bible Training Centre and has earned various qualifications in evangelical theology. He has undertaken much training in public speaking including The Speakers Institute and Dale Carnegie. He has earned degrees in professional leadership and management, including a Master’s Degree from the University of Southern Queensland.

Andrew Craig has served in many senior leadership roles in State and Federal government, and is a long-serving active Councillor at the City of Playford, where he has been an elected member now for over twenty years.

Some of the subjects that Pastor Craig is experienced in delivering uplifting and inspiring messages about, to varied audiences, including men’s groups, include: Backsliding and Lukewarmness, Bible Characters, Bible Doctrine, Blood of Jesus, Boldness, Christian Living and Spiritual Growth, Christlikeness, Church, Compassion of Christ, Creation and Evolution, Cross, Daniel, Discipleship, Edification, Elijah, Encouragement, End Times, Esther, Evangelism and Witnessing, Faith, Faithfulness, Families and The Godly Home, Fatherhood of God, Fear of God, Finding, Flesh and Spirit – Carnality, Forgiveness, Friendship with God, Gideon, Glorifying God, Glory of God, God-Our Refuge, God’s Comfort, Gospel, Grace, Guidance – and finding the will of God, Heaven, Hell and Judgment, Honouring God, Hope, Humility, Job, Jonah, Joseph, Joshua, Judgment Seat of Christ, Kingdom of God, Lord is my Shepherd, Lordship of Christ, Love, Mind, Ministry & Serving God, Missions, Nehemiah, New World Order, Noah, Old Paths and Old Landmarks, Perseverance, Pleasing God, Potter and Clay, Prayer, Preeminence of Christ, Prodigal Son, Purity, Purpose – Finding Meaning & Significance, Redemption, Relationship with God, Repentance, Resurrection, Revival, Ruth, Salvation, Security in Christ, Spiritual Warfare, State of Nation: Australia: Nation Building, Stedfastness, Stewardship and Giving, Suffering and Brokenness, Sufficiency of Christ, Sufficiency of Scriptures, Truth, Typology, Unity, Victorious Christian Life, Vision, Warning, Worldliness and Sin, Worldviews, Worship, Wrath of God, and Zeal.



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