Carl and Gail Musch

Cairns, Australia
Carl and Gail Musch Carl and Gail Musch Carl and Gail Musch Carl and Gail Musch Carl and Gail Musch Carl and Gail Musch Carl and Gail Musch Carl and Gail Musch

Carl and Gail Musch were among the founders of Indigenous Ministry Links (Ltd): a non-denominational multi-cultural network of ministers supporting Aboriginal ministries; and Indigenous Ministry Links Australia- a network of Aboriginal Local Church leaders (now directed by an 100% Aboriginal board). A passion for cross cultural ministry has been fuelled by his own complex and somewhat obscure heritage which may include English Convict transported to Australia, Austrian, Jewish and his father was told by his mother that his father was Apache (Native American) .

Since 1987 when he heard an audible voice from The Lord, Carl has been committed to evangelism, discipleship, ministry development, and church planting, among Australian Aboriginal people, which has resulted in about one new church being planted a year for 30 years and many spiritual sons and daughters, brothers and sisters in the faith among Aboriginal Australians as well as effectively equipped missionaries.

The ministry is distinguished by a commitment to tribal groups among which there is not yet a viable Christian Church of any kind, those in the greatest need and isolation, a respect for both the destiny and ability of indigenous people, and faith in “The God of the Breakthrough.” Gail, previously a missionary with “Students for Christ” in Japan, joined Carl in January 1994 and is a skilled educator, educational leader and manager.

With their two children born into the team along the way, they have partnered with local Indigenous believers across both remote and even more urban Aboriginal communities — though primarily in the Arnhem Land and Cape York regions of Northern Australia, involving thousands of kilometres and many days of 4WD travel, much on unsealed roads and rough bush tracks.

Carl, recognised by many as an apostle in this field, is being sought for his simple, believer-empowering ministry insights. God’s Spirit has led Carl to address the need for labourers to meet the vast untouched opportunities for effective cross cultural ministry, and in particular those among the First Australians. Responding to an open vision he recieved in 1998 Carl has committed to help train, facilitate and mentor both Indigenous and non-indigenous cross-cultural ministers (missionaries) in Australia, Papua New Guinea, The Pacific, and North America, with a particular vision to see Native Americans and other indigenous people across the Pacific region become Missionaries both to the Australian Outback and the “Regions Beyond” as The Spirit would direct them.

Complimenting their own ministry, they have become part of a ministry called “Simply Mobilizing International” who have a suite of training programs and seminars to help churches, individuals and businesses engage in the unfinished task to which Christ charged us to join with Him, to “teach all nations” engaging in both local and international missions. Carl and Gail also help train others to facilitate these programs thus multiplying their missions mobilizing impact contributing to great international multicultural team with which to collaborate.

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