John and Angie Edelmann

John and Angie Edelmann
Organisation: Kingdom Works International

Kingdom Works International is a name chosen by the Lord. When seeking a ministry name the Lord said, it will be called Kingdom Works International (KWI). John asked the Lord, why KWI and He replied, because the Kingdom Works and it is International. Well that is good enough for us. KWI is a non-profit organisation, with one purpose taking the gospel to the Nations. However in saying that John and Angie Edelmann have many ways of doing that, that the Lord may be glorified.

Originally from Canada, John travelled to Melbourne, Australia with his wife and five sons where he had a radical encounter with Jesus in 1993. An angry young man, John went from a history of abuse, 20 plus years of daily suicidal thoughts, drugs, Alcohol and crime, to a new life in Christ. He has travelled into six nations as an evangelist, and served as a pastor and leader in the church as well as in missions work and many outreaches. John was Victoria State President for Chariots of Light, Motorcycle Ministries (Australia). Moving greatly in prophetic-evangelism, he and his wife, Angie, live by faith. John has seen many lives come into God’s kingdom, transformed for His glory.

Angie was born in Australia, how she met the Lord was nothing less than a miracle. Not only was she saved, she was transformed. Her world turned upside down, miraculously. What she did before, she doesn’t anymore. Her heart is for the lost, orphanages, to see people set free, healed and delivered. Angie’s passion is to see everyone come to the knowledge of Christ, that He is real and the life He gives is amazing. The truth has truly set her free and has given her a hope, a future and a destiny. Angie is always saying, all for Jesus or nothing, there is no turning back or slowing down.

With Australia being there home base, the Lord has instructed them to go to the Nations. They are about to go to Indonesia as well as North America, they are loving their journey ministering in Australia and overseas. They are very excited to see what the Lord will do with them, John has just written a book and it will soon be released. John believes a life sold out to Jesus is the only life worth living: Extreme Living or Nothing! What if we all surrendered to His will?

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