Kul Bal

Kul Bal Kul Bal
Organisation: Fire and Reign Ministries

International author Pastor Kul Bal(Australia) is a powerful speaker, whose faith for the miraculous regularly sees countless people healed worldwide. Kul’s humour and acute ability to connect with unchurched and churched people alike has meant he has seen thousands come to know Christ.

His dramatic conversion from Sikhism and Hinduism to Christianity was due to a personal appearance of Jesus Christ when he (and Elaine) lost their identical twin daughters a couple of days after their birth. Just hearing him, will surely inspire and encourage, all who listen.

Constantly travelling the Globe, he is a Revivalist called to impact the Nations and so, very much in demand as an inspirational preacher and gifted teacher, with powerful demonstrations of Holy Spirit outpouring, Healings and Miracles.


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