Mimi Emmanuel

Queensland, Australia
Mimi Emmanuel
Organisation: MOSAIC HOUSE

Mimi Emmanuel is a Bible student as well as an international #1 bestselling author with an interest in Hermeneutics and Exegesis (fancy words for how to read and understand the Bible according to some basic principles).

After various life threatening medical emergencies, which she recalls in some of her books, Mimi credits her Holy Father for now living in bonus time. When death came knocking she carried her faith and God’s promises as a shield and in response the darkness yielded.
Mimi is known for her love for God’s Holy Word and her passion to simplify and share Biblical truths.

In Mimi’s latest offering she invites you to join her as she explores how media and images fit into God’s purpose for our lives. To find out the truth about the role images play in God’s plan for humanity, we turn to God’s Holy Word for clarity and wisdom and find hundreds of answers from the prophets’ and also from Jesus’ mouth.

Alongside our exploration throughout the Bible, we find unexpected gifts to unwrap and blessings to embrace which position us for a life that not only fulfills us but also a life that is according to God’s good plan for us, in line with Biblical principles.

Mimi’s book, ‘The Image of the Beast vs Image of God,’ was written for those earnest seekers of the truth who want to live a more ‘godly,’ obedient and fulfilling life with stacks of bonus free time.

Mimi is available for speaking engagements/interviews on podcast and radio. She’ll share about her journey to inspire listeners to live the good life God planned for us.

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