Pastor Steve Harris

Pastor Steve Harris Pastor Steve Harris Pastor Steve Harris Pastor Steve Harris Pastor Steve Harris
Organisation: Global Influencers

Pastor Steve Harris has walked with Jesus since 1987.

As a worshipper, he has worked with ministers such as Ron Kenoly and Pastor Benny Hinn.

As a pastor and teacher, he has brought the Word of God to many nations of the world,
with salvation, healing, and miracles often accompanying the message.

He is the founder of Global Influencers, a global community of Ekklesias and networks of Ekklesias,
cell groups, prayer teams, schools, Kingdom business and ministry training centres, joined together
in agape love and growing through the truth of God’s Word and the fire of the Holy Spirit. Members are trained
and equipped to walk in the fullness of the Gospel of the Kingdom, and to restore Kingdom culture from grassroots
to government in the villages, cities, regions, and nations of the world.

The global headquarters is in Brisbane Australia, with established ministry partners and centres in Asia, Oceania (including Papua New Guinea), and Africa. Regular leadership seminars are conducted via video conferencing into Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Nepal, Malaysia,
and Myanmar. Many miracles have occurred during these sessions.

He is also the founder of Outpouring Ministries, an organisation that exists to make a difference in a world full of desperate need,
Steve has established mercy ministries in developing nations, constructing wells, computer & sewing schools, and establishing small
to medium enterprises to permanently lift communities out of poverty.

Pastor Steve is the author of 4 books. “One Net, Many Boats” focuses on revival for individuals, restoration of the church,
and the transformation of nations from grassroots to government according to Kingdom principles.
He is also the composer of 3 worship albums.

His professional background includes decades of experience in the fields of information technology, information security,
and quality assurance management.

Steve is commissioned through the Full Gospel Churches of Australia and ARC Global/H.I.M. He is also on the advisory boards
of Father’s Heart Ministries and Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community (Asia Pacific), with whom he is also a chaplain and global curriculum developer.

steveharris.hearnow.com (Worship)
http://www.youtube.com/@steveharrisworship (Worship)
http://www.globalinfluencers.org/shop/ (Books)

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