Ps Grant Robertson

Ps Grant Robertson
Organisation: Church Support Australia

Ps Grant Robertson is available for visiting Churches all across Australia, even rural areas.


Grant is a dynamic man of God that seeks Jesus with all his heart.
Not worried about man’s opinions but only what the Lord wants and is saying.
Moves in the Holy Spirit especially in prophecy, words of knowledge and healing.
Has a passion for the unsaved and the afflicted and a desire for them to be set free and in full relationship with Jesus.
Can speak to all generations, from the runaway teenager to the mums and dads that need to reignite their faith. Has wonderfully blessed many churches and ministries in the 3 ministry trips in India with incredible testimonies of healings, words of knowledge and prophecy.

79230473 2532491263666900 2752386884918312960 nHere a couple of testimonies:

I met Grant Robertson in 2002, he was allowing the Holy Spirit make significant changes in his life. Grant is an amazing man of God. He’s a Blessing to the house of God, he’s a local church builder. Grant has the gift of prophetic on his life that is geared toward blessing the church and individuals. I recommend his ministry.Greg DonaldSenior PastorEngage Church

Healing –
I was in year 8 I fell on over on my knee whilst ice skating. I didn’t know at the time but I had actually done some pretty seriousness damage. It wasn’t until we had stopped at Maccas for lunch like a couple hours later that it started to hurt and swell. It was so bad I clearly remember actually almost passing out on the bus trip back to school! Anyways I eventually went to the doctors and got it checked and found out it was pretty severe soft tissue damage. Ever since then I’ve had problems with that particular knee, no doubt taking so many hits in soccer over the years since didn’t help. It would always cramp up if I stood for too long and sat down and for too long, basically if I didn’t move it for long enough it would stiffen. Earlier this year however, approximately 7 years later, Grant prayed for me and I was overcome with this feeling. It made my legs feel like jelly and it didn’t take long before they literally couldn’t support me anymore. As I was on the ground there was this warmness in and around my leg, in particular around my knee that had been bothering me for ages. After a while of being in community with the Holy Spirit, I got up and noticed that my knee did not bother me in the absolute slightest. Shocking to say the least! It’s now around half a year later and that is still the case! Praise God ?

It’s been a few years since I’ve known brother Grant Maxwell.
He is a very dedicated & determined man of God. The passion that he carries for Jesus Christ will be revealed even before he opens up his mouth.
His testimony about who he was & who he is now will tell you all.
I’ve heard him preaching at our church & he is amazing. The way he reaches the younger generation will straight away reveal the heart that he carries.
I’ve witnessed the flow of prophetic rivers & accurate word of knowledge that God has deposited in his ministry.
I thank God for raising this man of God for such a time as this.
You are always in our prayers & may the Lord bless you exceedingly & abundantly
Senior Pst Asher
The Hub Church

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