Ps Sharon Ritchie

Guyra NSW 2365
Ps Sharon Ritchie Ps Sharon Ritchie
Organisation: Gàirdeachas

Ps Sharon Ritchie

Without Christ – nothing stands – Including Me~
After serving Jesus for 30 years and in that time, Co-Founding and Co-Pastoring Ministry for 18 years in Rural Remote NSW, I have learned the absolute treasure of being yoked together with my Saviour is the ‘only’ saving Grace to live by.

Learning from experience is the ‘best’ and I know perfection comes with the full stop at the end of my time on planet earth. This is the Promise of Him who came and died in my place.

I have been privileged to introduce many to Jesus and in that, Jesus has opened many doors for me in Pastoring, Outreach, Ministering, and Missions to Tonga and the Philippines, and just recently I completed my very first pilgrimage to Israel in September 2023.

I personally witnessed the invasion of Hamas by air and sea on 7 October 2023 and spent 5 days in and out of Bomb Shelters while Israel defended her land and people and visitors with the onslaught of over 5000 rockets and missiles launched against her, within 96 hours.

I personally witnessed the defense Israel launched with the Iron Arm to preserve the life of Israelis in this hellish attack that was ‘unprovoked’. I know, I was there.

My faith went from ‘faith’ to ‘just believe’ in the last 5 days waiting for my flight to return home.
One cannot imagine what one would do in that circumstance, one must live it.

Not knowing the missiles going overhead were going to hit your location.

Peace in the midst of Terror was His Gift to me.

I saw with my own eyes Scripture being fulfilled in the preparation for His Return and this experience is now in the very fabric of my spiritual DNA.

Honored in a time of War, who else could do this? Only Him

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