Sandy Ritchie

Gold Coast
Sandy Ritchie
Organisation: GAP Coaching

Sandy Ritchie is a pastor with over 40 years in ministry. During this time he has ministered in many different environments and has lead worship teams, lead churches in executive positions, and lead his own church as well. Sandy understands what it is like to be a pastor and leader in church life and has ministered to many pastors and leaders who need support, love, care and uplifting when they have been through challenging times. Sandy loves to itinerate, and believes that in this next season of his life he has much that he would love to input into those coming through in life and ministry. He looks forward to chatting with many of you to undergird, pray for and bring whatever he can through God’s wisdom to bring you and your church/es or organisations to a better place. You can contact him at http://www.gapcoaching.com.au

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