Story-Teller Project

Olinda, Melbourne
Story-Teller Project
Organisation: Bardswell Creations

The Story Teller Project is a series of animated and semi-animated videos and services suitable for Children’s Ministries and Schools.
These are mainly on-going quality amateur productions available free on YouTube.
The current project is a series of stories called “The Gospel According to the Creatures”, where the ministry and teachings of Jesus are explained to 2 Jewish children by rocks, trees and animals that Jesus came in contact with. Told in a colourful, engaging and humorous style, it contains some serious biblical principles including a Gospel message.
The first animated version can be accessed at:

Subscribe to the channel to be kept up-to-date.
Suitable mainly for ages 6 to 12, it can also appeal to family-minded adults.
If the internet connection is unreliable and interrupts the story flow, the author can also mail a High-Res USB-stick or CD copy on request. A small fee applies to cover postage and shipping. There is also an interactive copy available for Kid’s Ministries if they have a later version of MS PowerPoint. These are great for class participation, especially for talented and expressive readers.
David Butler (aka author Arthur D Bardswell) is also available in the Melbourne Eastern Metro area to tell these (and other) stories in person.
Alternatively, an interactive Zoom meeting can be set up at an agreed time for a Story-Teller Session. Contact him via email:
or text 0433688191 for any inquiries and requests.

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